McGirr is Australia's leading provider of integrated case management software solutions for courts, tribunals, law enforcement and human services. We help our clients to deliver streamlined, efficient, citizen-centric services. Our advanced software delivers the maximum levels of automation, flexibility, transparency and control.

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Case Management

McGirr’s Case Management platform is the most powerful and flexible solution for all your Case Management needs.


Streamline judicial administration, engage citizens, reduce backlogs, automate processes, and improve consistency of outcomes with a modern, integrated electronic court administration solution.


Automate Tribunal administration from end-to-end with a citizen-centric, integrated, multi-jurisdictional case management platform.

Human Services

Streamline case management, automate administrative services, increase resource utilisation and deliver 360-degree case views with a flexible solution for all your human services.

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What do users say about McGirr Case Management?

  • NSW Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal

    "The main benefits for us have come from the process automation. This helps our staff, our Members and our clients. It significantly reduces delays and improves the efficiency and consistency of our processes. It gives us real time transparency and helps us control costs for our stakeholders. It has streamlined our processes from end-to-end across more than 14 jurisdictions.

    Antony Brennan, Business Development Manager, CTTT

  • State Justice Department

    "The system has automated many of the previously manual, time consuming, clerical tasks right across the department. Our staff find the processes much more streamlined than before. They can now spend more time on value added services for our clients, rather than on repetitive manual tasks."

    Director, Australian State Justice Department

  • Australian Federal Tribunal

    "Before implementing the McGirr system, we had to manage with inefficent, legacy systems. We now have all our jurisdictions on a single, flexible platform. All documentation is online and accessible where it is needed, and we now have time to focus on improving processes and outcomes instead of just trying to keep the systems running.

    Federal Government Tribunal