Court Case Management as a Service

Welcome to MCMS, the world’s most comprehensive Case Management platform delivered as a cloud service. Built for dispute resolution agencies including civil courts, tribunals and commissions, MCMS manages the end-to-end process from eFiling & payments through case management and listings to hearings, trials, orders and case disposal. The platform supports streamlined, client-centric services with unmatched productivity, security and transparency. MCMS is fully configurable for the unique processes in your jurisdiction. As a cloud service, you can be in production in weeks rather than months or years.

“MCMS has automated many of the previously manual, time consuming tasks across the department. The process is much more streamlined than before and our staff can now spend more time on value added services for our clients, rather than on repetitive manual tasks. The system provides us with a platform for continual improvement across our multiple jurisdictions.”

Corporate Support Director, State Department of Justice

    • 24/7, client-centric engagement interface
    • Fully responsive for use on mobile, tablet or desktop
    • Self-registration and account management
    • eFiling / eLodgement & payment processing
    • Configurable SmartForms for flexible application development
    • "Secure Party Access" with 2-step, secure engagement of other parties and electronic serving
    • "My Cases" for tracking and managing cases to which I am a party
    • Submit documents electronically
    • Client initiated interlocurory applications and other case actions
    • Respond to court initiated tasks
    • Notification of hearings
    • Group administration for law firms and similar entities
    • Chat option providing real-time assistance to clients
    • Fully branded for your court

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    • Manage cases electronically from start to finish
    • Configurable automatic business rules and workflows
    • Sophisticated and flexible hearings/trials calendaring including configurable autolisting business rules
    • SMS notification to Parties of trials/hearings
    • Trials/hearings automatically entered into judiciary calendars
    • Correspondence module for court-generated print & email
    • Communicate with court clients fully digitally within the case workflow
    • Automated actions, tasks, scheduling, document creation, alerts & sms notifications
    • Electronic document management
    • Fully configurable for your jurisdictions, events, workflows, alerts, correspondence templates, roles and more
    • Multi-dimensional security hierarchies
    • All case events securely recorded for reporting and transparency

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    Calendaring Hearings

    Drag & Drop Calendaring Hearings

    • Electronic case file - all case documents online, 24/7
    • No more lost court paperwork
    • Less delays - parties can submit documents directly to the case file (or based on business rules, may require prior electronic approval prior to acceptance)
    • Less hearing no-shows and adjuournments - parties are automatically reminded of hearings by SMS
    • Enter record of hearing/trial and record outcome
    • Optional order "wizard", supporting compliant and consistent judical orders

    Electronic case file, including convert to print option

    • Fully configurable by line-of-business subject matter experts without programming
    • Comprehensive operational, statutory and KPI reporting
    • Cloud hosted, managed service
    • Implementation, configuration and customisation services
    • Web service integration APIs
    • MS Azure hosted, IRAP & ASD security certified