McGirr Technologies Celebrates 40 Years of Service

This month marked the 40th anniversary of our foundation by a young Bostonian named Bob McGirr. This milestone distinguishes us as one of a very small number of organisations with such a long and proud history serving Australian governments with innovative technology solutions.

Technology today is unrecognisable from the first payroll data processing systems that we delivered all those years ago. McGirr CEO, Peter Nanayakara commented:

“This milestone is a testament to the vision and drive of generations of McGirr staff. Our success over such a long period comes down to some constants within the business. These include the quality and attitude of our staff, our continuous search for leading edge technologies to solve challenging problems for Australian governments, and our unwavering focus on customer service. We measure our client partnerships in decades, not years, which we think is pretty special in this industry.”

Today, McGirr is stronger than ever, with a world-leading, “as-a-service” case management platform for courts & tribunals. Who knows how technology will look 40 years from now, but we’re sure McGirr will still be there, still providing world leading solutions for our trusted clients.

Bob McGirr & Jerry Maher. 2 of the original "young guns"from 1975.

Bob McGirr & Jerry Maher. 2 of the original “young guns”.