Human Services

Social and human services agencies are under increasing pressure to deliver ever more services within ever tightening budgetary constraints. Caseloads grow, clients become more demanding and legislative developments require change and continuous improvement. To cope in this environment, modern agencies need the most flexible, automated and adaptive solutions available.

McGirr Case Management System (MCMS) is Australia’s most powerful and flexible case management platform, allowing you to streamline and automate case management processes across your entire agency.

Download MCMS Product Description

    • Advanced imaging and electronic records management
    • Case and workload automation
    • Parties and resource management
    • Web based user and client access
    • Customer configurable client dimensions, roles, agencies, events, workflows, alerts, templates
    • Fully abstracted agencies, parties, roles and cases supporting unlimited flexibility
    • Automated actions, tasks, scheduling, document creation, alerts, escalations, business rules
    • Integrated document and record management system
    • Support for external document and record systems (e.g. TRIM, Objective etc)
    • Government 2.0 portal (eLodgements, case initiation, payments, notifications, tracking, outcomes)
    • Billings and payments module
    • Automated event calendaring
    • Multi-dimensional security hierarchies
    • Middleware integration module
    • Role based dashboards, tools, information and reporting
    • Wizard driven correspondence and templates module
    • Comprehensive, secure audit trail, including all before and after action data
    • KPIs, statistical reporting and business intelligence data analysis
    • Automate manual business processes
    • Empower caseworkers with 360-degreee views of cases
    • Speed up case management and reduce backlogs
    • Improve consistency of outcomes
    • Deliver innovative, Government 2.0 ready services
    • Improve client services levels
    • Manage resources more efficiently
    • Leverage disparate data sources
    • Improve transparency
    • Improve work environment for staff and service providers
    • Enable continuous process improvement with spotlight KPIs
    • Adapt rapidly and cost effectively to changing legislation and business processes
  • The web-based software requires no client installation, and can be installed on departmental servers, or delivered as a service, hosted on a secure cloud infrastructure.

    For smaller Tribunals, McGirr offers cloud-delivered Software as a Service (SaaS). This frees smaller Tribumals from the overheads of implementing and maintaining a sophisticated, end-to-end solution.

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